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vociferate v : utter in a very loud voice; "They vociferated their demands" [syn: shout out]

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Latin vociferatus, past participle of vociferari to vociferate; vox, vocis, voice + ferre to bear. See voice, and bear to carry.


  1. : To cry out with vehemence; to exclaim; to bawl; to clamor. - Cowper
  2. : To utter with a loud voice; to shout out.
    • Though he may vociferate the word liberty - V. Knox

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bellow out, call out, clamor, cry, cry out, holler, holler out, hollo, make an outcry, make an uproar, outcry, pipe up, raise a clamor, shout, shout out, shrill, sing out, yell, yell out
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